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New Collection A/W 2015 Cosh Collection

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“COSH” A/W 2015 Collection

Teddy Girls also known as Judies were a subculture of the teddy boys in 1950's Britain. The Teddy is described as a fashionable figure, a figure of criticism and at the time a figure of public misgivings.

Influenced by the Edwardian dandies mixed with the American rockabilly style, COSH became the sweeping trend of modern and youth fashion across Britain. The Ted's were regarded as rebels of conformity in post World War 2 and as such created a style, which was by and from the streets. 

Josh and Nicol's AW15 Collection "COSH" nods to Teddy girl fashion, to a style that reinvented Utility into elegance.

Masculinity, Simplicity, Practicality and over all sensuality mingle together to transform the classic "Teddie" androgynous style to create pieces for international savvy, professional and sophisticated modern day woman.

Using a neutral color palette of Grey, White, Navy, Brown, the somber color palette of choice of the Teddies, COSH encompasses a collection, which celebrates the female form through practical designs and silhouettes. 

The use of wool, tweed, leather and cotton tailor a feminine "boyfriend" borrowed ensemble with an up to date twist.

S/S 2015 Popidia Collection, where Pop Art meets Tradition.

                  E  D  I  T  O  R  I  A  L

                  E  D  I  T  O  R  I  A  L

Soho House, New York Fashion Week A/W 2015

"In a dimly lit room at the start of New York Fashion Week, Josh & Nicol presented its AW2015 collection. The collection is a fusion of masculinity, simplicity, practicality, and sensuality all geared towards meeting the wardrobe needs of professional modern day women. In this behind-the-scenes look, we take a closer look at the pieces, gaining insight as to the historical inspiration for the collection, and more."Noble Ezeala

The Paradise Garden

As Freya Stark once said “to awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world”. We have taken many trips in our lives but never the same. Nebula Collection shines on the shores of the Caribbean beach as never before. A warm feeling of nostalgia and serenity conquers our spirits.

                                    Scarves are a Must!

                                    Scarves are a Must!

A/W 2014 Nebula Collection ©NewAficanWoman ©SMagazine

Spring / Summer  2015 Popidia Collection

Spring / Summer  2015 Popidia Collection