J O S H & N I C O L

S/S 16          A/W 15          S/S 15

“NEBULA” A/W 2014 Collection

NEBULA Collection is named after the interstellar cloud of masses, the Pillar of Creation. The name is used as a metaphor in relation to the 1940's,  as a fashion of utility, mobility and  simplicity. The Nebula represents pulsating times with a magnitude of change. 
The Collection uses a silhouette of squared shoulders, narrowed hips, mid-length skirts and tailored suits. Fabric experimentation and tamed Minimalism bring character to the collection. Neoprene, Vinyl, Swarovski, glitter and dried leaves are used as a technique of do-it-yourself for the purpose  of conservation, originality and causality.  The collection remains faithful to the past but time is subjected to change.