J O S H & N I C O L

S/S 16          A/W 15          A/W 14

“POPIDIA” S/S 2015 Collection

POIDIA Collection takes inspiration from the Benin Kingdom and Pop Art Movement as a tribute to Queen Idia’s life and 
iconography. The sensibility and purity of the pastel colors create visual emotions within a self-healing tranquility described as Victory. Colors as plastic pop, candy floss, mint and lemon  are assigned to describe feelings of pleasure and serenity as colors of emotions of what Queen Idia once felt when she changed the pattern of time. We believe that Queen Idia is the only one that can outline the Josh and Nicol heritage.Queen Idia was part of 16th century Benin Kingdom as the only woman who went to war and succeeded in honoring her King with great victories. She was given the royal title of the Birth Mother Above All and the frst Queen of the Kingdom.  
Queen Idia established a new culture and defined the African Tradition with bold styles and fashionable trends. 
We have simplified Queen Idia’s portrait as a silhouette that gathers tradition and figurative in a style that holds interpretation.. Royal by nature and controversial by style, POPIDIA is fusing the past and bending the present.